Our Grooming Salon

Extra TLC

We only use top quality products on our dogs/cats. We give them two baths, then a cream conditioning rinse if needed and also a leave in conditioner once the dog is all dried and cut. So, we use a lot of good product to ensure that the dog is clean, smelling fresh and healthy! (347) 492-0931 or (917) 740-3647 or email us at pamperedpawsny@gmail.com

Our Salon Gallery! Welcome All Pups!

Dog Accessories

We also have an accessory and fashion boutique, we carry outfits, colars, leashes, bows, toys, etc.


This is an animal haven that is a one stop shop! Not only do we offer grooming and pet services, but we have a wonderful barkery and cat cafe! We bake our own goodies and every ingredient is all natural. If you don't see what you like in our barkery, just ask us to place a special order and we'll bake something just for you!

Also, we're starting to stock our shelves with food and treats, eventually we plan on carrying a full line of dog foods. We want to be able to satisfy all of your needs and wants without having to travel very far! If you don't see a certain brand on our shelves, don't hesitate to ask and we'll seek out that manufacturer and have them send a shipment right over!